Located in the Cerro de la Muerte, in the Interamerican Highway, to 64Km., San Jose. The cottage is in a 5-hectare primary forest with trails where you can breathe clean and fresh air, while performing a hike or a mountain bike ride.

The cottage is fully equipped with a maximum of 6 people in the Cloud Forest tranquility.Surrounded by oaks, cedars and other native species. In the morning, have the opportunity to listen and observe, among the

lush vegetation, a variety of birds such as the Friend of Man, Yigirro, Flycatcher and deeper into the very secretive forest, stunning Quetzal.

Its owner, Vincente Solano, you want people who visit, enjoy the wonderful view of the Pacific Ocean and the mountains of the Los Santos area.

In the evening from the terrace, accompanied by a delicious cup of coffee, can contemplate the colorful sunsets and evening continue to enjoy the warmth of the fire in the fireplace . Only 5 minute drive, we Recreational Fishing Center : Truchas Selva Madre, where they can fish and visit two waterfalls in the headwaters of the Rio Macho.

Tel.: (506) 2571-1360
Vicente Solano